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A research vessel finds a missing ship, commanded by a mysterious scientist, on the edge of a black hole.

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original title: The Black Hole

genge: Action,Sci-Fi

imdb: 2.8

duration: 1h 38min

tags: It is inescapable - swallowing radio waves, light, planets, stars, everything in its path...and Man is about to take a giant leap RIGHT DOWN ITS THROAT.

budget: $20,000,000

keywords: referencetoagenius, zombie, spacezombie, femalebuttclench, blackhole, immortality, eventhorizon, spaceship, levitatingrobot, humanoidrobot, humanversusrobot, humaninouterspace, robotversusrobot, space

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A research vessel finds a missing ship, commanded by a mysterious scientist, on the edge of a black hole. The crew of the spaceship Palamino stumbles across the ''lost'' ship U.S.S. Cygnus, hovering on the edge of an immense black hole. Once aboard, they find the ship is manned by robots - it's only human inhabitant, one Dr. Hans Reinhardt; an eminent scientist, missing for the past twenty years. His plan - to enter the Black Hole . . . Whether Dr. Reinhardt is a genius or a mad-man, one thing is for sure, he will not be denied his life's dream. What lies beyond the Black Hole? Immortality . . . or, Oblivion . . . ? THE BLACK HOLE made more money than any in Disney's history (considering THE LOVE BUG was 1969's most successful domestic film and the classic MARY POPPINS was a huge hit this is impressive). In post STAR WARS moviedom however, unless a picture has returns that quadruple it' costs (THE BLACK HOLE cost $20 million)it's labeled less than a success. The fact is the film was an also ran in a world of STAR WARS and STAR TREK (which faired about the same), but a nice one. Disney has explored themes of Heaven and Hell before as in FANTASIA (Night at Bald Mountain sequence), 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (in which THE BLACK HOLE is essentially a remake), and even cat heaven and reincarnation in THE THREE LIVES OF THOMASINA, but never so realistically (or surrealistically). The ending which showed each astronaut's greatest dream of what the afterlife should be (and thus materializing itself as thus) went over the minds of most, but remember 2001 had books to explain its ending, and THE BLACK HOLE only had a paperback novelization. Compared to STAR WARS the so-so acting is stellar. The film's original theme is beautiful and haunting as well as the mat work (courtesy of Peter Ellenshaw--father to Star Wars FXpert Ellenshaw--which explains robots very reminiscent of R2D2 and Storm Troopers). Despite some Disney adventure the film is slower paced attempting to be more than just a video game but without the plot to make it more. Too bad the original beginning of the film which featured the weightless crew doing acrobats in the space ship has not been restored. But then as now it's not beautiful crafted scenes that count it's how many times they blow something up that viewers look for. Maybe the film would have made more money if they had the space station attacked by ships of giant bugs. Wouldn't have hurt the thin plot. I attended the 70mm premiere of "The Black Hole" in Hollywood in 1979. The pre-publicity for this film was huge. Buena Vista Studios pulled out all stops and published full page ads. The house was packed. I never saw so much disappointment in an audience. You could hear the audible gasps in certain scenes along with muffled snickers, it was that bad. Everyone was polite when the house lights came up, but you could tell... it flopped in a big way.

This was also the year of "Star Trek - the motion picture" and "Alien." During that 70mm premiere at the Egyptian, the film jumped the track and the 70mm film burned up before our eyes. A woman actually screamed which sent a wave of very loud gasps through the crowd. Fortunately, a friend of mine had other friends in Westwood (showing it 70mm later that day). We ran over there and they managed to squeeze us in. Compared to the "Black Hole" whether that comparison is fair or not, "Alien" was then and still is a sci-fi masterpiece, and complete pushed the "Black Hole" off the page for the year. No one associated with sci-fi would even mention "Black Hole" at the cons.

"The Black Hole" tried so hard to be legit Sci-fi. But in the end, a great roster of seasoned actors had a poor script (TV writer Bob Barash's only feature film), poor direction (TV director Gary Nelson's only feature film) and all the wonderful special effects or sweeping score cannot save an inherently bad movie. Disney has yet to make another attempt at Sci-fi that has or will be considered successful. An Einstein-Rosen bridge, named after the creators of the theory: Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen, refers to the wormhole inherent in the center of a black hole and is a portal to a mirror universe that exists on the other end of a black hole. But there has been revisions to their theory through the years.

The first revision to this was the Schwarzschild solution, stating that a black hole was a static, non-revolving object, and that the center of a black hole was a single point, meaning that an object caught in that kind of black hole would undoubtedly be crushed when it reached the center, by the infinite gravity contained therein. This revision gives the impression that the Einstein-Rosen bridge would never be a scientific fact.

The second revision came in 1963 when Roy Kerr devised his solution for the Einstein-Rosen bridge equation, which was that if a star was rotating whenever it became a black hole, the center wouldn't become a single point. Instead, it would create a rotating black hole (the kind seen in the film) and there would be a ring instead of a single point at the center. Therefore it could still be possible to traverse through the black hole and emerge through to the other side, under certain circumstances.

The first condition of this is that the object must be travelling faster than the speed of light, in order to prevent being crushed by the finite gravity of the black hole, as detailed by Kerr's solution. The second condition is that the object going through the black hole must have the trajectory of approaching it from the front, head on, instead of the side. Any object approaching the black hole from the side would be crushed by the gravity of the hole itself, which would still be at an infinite state at that point around the black hole. Any object meeting these two conditions would, theoretically, make it through the Einstein-Rosen bridge and reach the universe on the other side of the black hole.

In the film The Black Hole,because the probe ship met those two conditions, it successfully made the voyage through, while the Cygnus, since it didn't meet one or both of the conditions, was crushed and destroyed at the exterior of the black hole itself.


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